Solar Outdoor Mosquito Trap Lamp MK-080B

Product Introduction
FARM SOLAR INSECT KILLER use 365nm UV light lure insect mosquitoes flies moths close into the machine, and electric grid shock with a high voltage. It can killing mosquito and lighting


*The light is powered by solar energy through solar panel. The solar panel converts sunlight into electric energy. 
* Rechargeable batteries that fully charged by a charger can be used as sources of power; 
* Solar powered and packed with rechargeable batteries
* Ultra-right : white and purple
* Turn on the lamp, and the iron net around the bulb has a certain voltage to kill mosquitoes
Solar Insect Killer equipped with cold cathode lights: one white and one purple; UV light is to attract insect, white light is for illumination


1.Material: 304 Stainless steel , strong and durable 
2.Killing mosquito and Lighting two functions
3. Light control automatic induction
4.Quality 365nm UV lamp
6.Rapid installation
7.Big solar panel

Suitable Place: Outdoor,like :
1.Agricultural crop, vegetable gardens field, forestry such as cotton field, tea plantation, tobacco field, cafe field, cocoa field, rice field, forest, grassland, greenhouse, wine brewing, warehouse etc..
2.Fruit orchard, such as apple, pear, grapery vinery, kiwi fruit, plum, avocado, nectarine, peach tree, orange, cherry and other fruits.
3.Outdoor community places, such as airport, golf course, park, chateau, garden, urban greening, etc.

Item No.: MYU-080B
Product Size: Φ0.5M XH1.8M
Voltage: DC12.6V +6Ah
High voltage grid: 2.5 KV
Mosquito killing Power: 9W
Lighitng power:5W
Battery: 10000 mah
Solar panel: 22W 12V
Coverage Area: 200-300 M²

080B (2)

080B (3)

080B (4)

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