AC Outdoor Mosquito Trap Lamp MK-085



Product Introduction
OUTDOOR MOSQUITO TRAP LAMP LANDSCAPE LIGHT use 365nm UV light lure insect mosquitoes flies moths close into the machine, kill them by high-voltage electrocuted networks outside around which is safe to human being as it has small current
1.Material: Aluminum alloy with power coating, strong and durable 

2.Killing mosquito and lighting , 2-IN-1 & ENERGY EFFICIENT: There’s also a manual control light under the zapper light, can be used to lighting your lawn / garden / pathway at night

3.Light control automatic induction, AUTO ON OFF – Built-in light sensor to turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn, no need to worry about turning it on / off on a daily basis.

4.Quality 365nm UV lamp

5.Waterproof, Aluminum body and stainless steel mesh construction, waterproof rated ensures it to work perfectly in all weather conditions.

6.Rapid installation

Suitable Place: Outdoor, manor, villa, garden, lawn, pathway, golf course, equestrian club, orchard, farm, pasture, hotel, restaurant, park, factory etc.

Item No.: MK-085
Product Size: Φ21.5 CM X H85CM
Voltage: 100-130 V 180-240V
Rated frequency:50/60 Hz
High voltage grid: 3000V
Mosquito killing Power: 9W
Lighting Power: 3W
Coverage Area: 150-200M²

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